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Story of Prophet Sulaiman (Sulaiman Alayhis Salaam ka qissa)


Sulaiman ‘alayhis salaam not only inherited the prophethood from his father Dawood ‘alayhis salaam but also got the magnificent kingdom from him.

This means, Sulaiman ‘alayhis salaam became the next prophet as well as the king.

Sulaiman ‘alayhis salaam and Dawood ‘alayhis salaam were two of the few reported Prophets who were WEALTHY.

[Sulaiman ‘alayhis salaam ne na sirf apne walid, Dawood ‘alayhis salaam se Nabuwat wiraasat mei li, balki ek azeem Saltanat bhi unse wiraasat mei li.

Yani wo agle Nabi banne ke sath sath, agle baadshah bhi bane.

Dawood ‘alayhis salaam aur Sulaiman ‘alayhis salaam kuch hi Nabiyo mei se the jinhe ALLAH ne MAALDAAR banaya tha.]
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