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Prophet Moosa & Haroon (Moosa aur Haroon Alayhis Salaam ka qissa) Part 1


Before starting the story of Moosa ‘alayhis salaam and Haroon ‘alayhis salaam, we have to look at the previous scenario & the background of the place where they were born.

Let's recall the BANI ISRAEL who were the 12 sons of Yaqoob ‘alayhis salaam which later developed into 12 communities and their population increased tremendously. 

So the story of prophet Moosa and Haroon (peace be upon them) circulates around them.

Next, let's recall the place of EGYPT where Yusuf ‘alayhis Salaam got power and prestige and where he called his entire family including his 11 brothers. 

So, Egypt is the place where Moosa and Haroon ‘alayhis salaam were born.

After Yusuf ‘alayhis salaam died, the power of Egypt went into the wrong hands and in the later generations, the population was divided into 2-

Bani Israel lived a miserable life of slavery and they were treated as second class citizens where they had no respect and rights while Egyptians were treated with honour and respect.

[Moosa ‘alayhis salaam aur Haroon ‘alayhis salaam ki kahaani shuru karne se pehle hum pehle ka pase manzar (background) dekhte hai jaha wo dono paida hue the.

Hum BANI ISRAEL ki taraf palatte hai jo Yaqoob ‘alayhis salaam ke 12 bete the aur aage jaake 12 qabile bane the aur badhte badhte inki abaadi bohot badh gayi thi. 
Moosa ‘alayhis salaam aur Haroon ‘alayhis salaam ki kahaani inhi ke ird gird ghoomti hai.

Phir hum MISR ki wo zameen yaad karte hai jaha Yusuf ‘alayhis salaam ne iqtidaar paaya tha aur unhone apne pure khandaan ko (jisme unke 11 bhai bhi the) Misr mei hi rehne ke liye bula liya tha.

To MISR hi wo zameen hai jaha Moosa ‘alayhis salaam aur Haroon ‘alayhis salaam paida hue the.

Yusuf ‘alayhis salaam ke inteqaal ke baad, mulk ki hukumat ghalat haatho mei chali gayi thi aur phir, Misr ki abaadi 2 hisso mei bat gayi - BANI ISRAEL AUR MISRI QAUM!!

Bani Israel ki zindagi qaidyo ki tarah ho gayi thi aur unka jeena be-hadd mushkil aur sakht ho gaya tha jaha na unke na koi huqooq the aur na koi izzat.
Aur doosri taraf, Misriyo ki zindagi khush gawaar aur izzat wali thi.]
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