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Story of Prophet Isa (Isa alayhis salaam ka qissa)


Before coming to the story of Isa ‘alayhis salaam, we first need to go back to the story of Maryam ‘alayhis salaam, the mother of Prophet Isa ‘alayhis salaam!!

• Maryam ‘alayhis salaam holds an important postion in Islam. She is respected figure in all religions especially Christianity.

•Maryam ‘alayhis salaam is the ONLY WOMAN whose name is mentioned in the QUR'AAN.

•There is a full surah on her name known as SURAH MARYAM.

•Maryam ‘alayhis salaam is especially known for her PURE CHARACTER and this is confirmed by the Rabb of the Worlds.

ALLAH says in Qura'an-
"And (mention) when the angels said : 
O Maryam, indeed ALLAH has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds.
O Maryam, be devoutly obedient to your Rabb and prostrate and bow with those who bow (in prayer)." (3:42-43)

•Prophet Mohammad peace and blessings be upon him said in a hadith that-

"The best of the women of the world are four: 
Maryam (daughter of Imran), Aasiyah, (the wife of Firaun) , Khadijah (daughter of Khuwaylid) and Fatimah (daughter of Muhammad)"
(Sahi hadith, Al- Tirmidhi)

[Isa ‘alayhis salaam ke qisse par aane se pehle hume phir ek baar Maryam ‘alayhis salaam ke qisse ki taraf dekhna hoga jo Isa ‘alayhis salaam ki waalda (maa) thi.

•Maryam ‘alayhis salaam Islam mei ek khaas maqaam rakhti hai aur, aur baqi mazhabo mei bhi unka naam bohot izzat se liya jata hai khaas taur par Isayi mazhab mei.

•Maryam ‘alayhis salaam EK WAHID KHATOON hai jinka naam QUR'AAN mei mojood hai.

•Unke naam se puri ek surah Qur'aan mei mojood hai jiska naam SURAH MARYAM hai.

•Maryam ‘alayhis salaam khaas taur par apni PAAK- DAMANI ki wajah se jani jaati hai aur unki ye sifat ALLAH ne Qur'aan mei bayaan ki hai-

"(Jab farishto ne unse kaha): Ae Maryam, beshak ALLAH ne aapko chun liye aur aapko PAAK kar diya aur aapko tamaam jahaano ki aurto par fazilat ata ki. 
Ae Maryam, apne Rabb ki itaat kar; aur Sajda kar aur Ruku karne walo ke sath ruku kar."

•Mohammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam ne ek waaze hadith mei farmaya-

"Dunya ki behetreen aurte 4 hai:
Maryam (Imran ki beti); Aasiyah (Firaun ki biwi); Khadijah(Khuwaylid ki beti) aur Fatimah (Muhammad ki beti)" (Sahi hadith, Tirmidhi)]
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