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Story of Prophet Ayyub (Ayyub Alayhis Salaam ka qissa)


As we all know, that Ibrahim ‘alayhis salaam had 2 sons- Ismail ‘alayhis salaam and Is'haaq ‘alayhis salaam.

Both of them had different generations in which many prophets came and one of them was Ayyub ‘alayhis salaam who was from the generation of IS'HAAQ ‘ALAYHIS SALAAM!! 

Ayyub ‘alayhis salaam is known as JOB in other religions.

[Jaisa ke hum jaante hai ke Ibrahim ‘alayhis salaam ke 2 bete the- Ismail ‘alayhis salaam aur Is'haaq ‘alayhis salaam aur unki naslo mei se kayi Nabi aaye aur aise hi ek Nabi the jinka naam AYYUB ‘alayhis salaam tha jo Is'haaq ‘alayhis salaam ki nasal mei se the.

Doosre mazhabo mei Ayyub ‘alayhis salaam ko JOB ke naam se jaana jata hai.]
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