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Story of Prophet Yaqoob (Yaqoob Alayhis Salaam ka qissa)


• Yaqoob alayhis salaam was the SON OF IS`HAAQ ALAYHIS SALAAM.

• He was also given the name: ISRAEL and that is why his children are mentioned as BANI ISRAEL in Quraan and later on, a whole nation developed with this name i.e. Israel.

• He is a famously known as JACOB in Christianity and Judaism.

ALLAH mentions about Is`haaq alayhis salaam and Yaqoob alayhis salaam in Quraan-

"..We gave him (Ibrahim Alayhis Salaam) Is`haaq and Yaqoob (Alayhis Salaam) and We made each one of them Prophet.
And We gave them from Our mercy (good provision) and we granted them honour on the tongues (of all nations; means everyone remembers them with a good name/praise)"
(19: 49-50)

[•Yaqoob alayhis salaam Is`haaq alayhis salaam ke BETE the.

• Unhe ISRAEL naam se bhi jaana jaata hai aur yahi wajah hai ke unki aulado ko BANI ISRAEL ke naam se Quraan me kayi baar khitaab kiya gaya hai.

Iske baad ek pura mulk isi naam se wujood me aaya (yani Israel).

•Ye Isaayi aur Yahood mazhab mei JACOB ke naam se bohot mashhoor hai.

Quraan mei ALLAH Is`haaq alayhis salaam aur Yaqoob alayhis salaam ke baare mei farmate hai ke-

"Humne Ibrahim ko Is`haaq aur Yaqoob ata kiya aur har ek ko Hum ne Nabi banaya.
Hum ne unhe apni rehmato mei se khoob ata kiya aur unhe logo ki zabaano mei sacchi naam-bari ata ki yani sab log unhe acche naam se yaad karte hai."]
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