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Story of Prophet Dawood (Dawood Alayhis Salaam ka qissa)


In the war of Jalut and Talut, a courageous man of Bani Israel killed Jalut and won the war.
His name was DAWOOD (Alayhis Salaam)!!

Later on, after the death of Talut and Prophet Samuel, ALLAH gave him prophethood.

Qur'aan mentions-
"So they defeated them by ALLAH'S leave and Dawood killed Jalut and ALLAH gave him the kingdom and Al-hikmah (means prophethood) and taught him of that which He willed." (2:251) 

☆To know the beginning of the story, please read the POST PERIOD OF MOOSA ALAYHIS SALAAM (Last 5 points in part 2 of the story of Moosa Alayhis Salaam )

[Jalut aur Talut ki jung mei, Bani Israel ke ek bahadur shakhs ne Jalut ka qatl kara aur ye jung jeet li.
Unka naam DAWOOD (Alayhis salaam) tha.

Phir baad mei, Talut aur Samuel Nabi ke inteqaal ke baad, ALLAH ne Dawood Alayhis Salaam ko baadshahat aur nabuwat ata kari aur unhe ALLAH ke izn se bohot si cheezo ka ilm ata kiya gaya.]

☆Iss qisse ki shuruvaat samajhne ke liye, Moosa Alayhis Salaam ke baad ke qisse ko samajhna zaroori hai. Isliye use zaroor padhe (Moosa Alayhis Salaam ke qissse mei jaye, part 2 ke aakhri 5 points dekhe)
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