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Story of Prophet Dhul-Kifl (Dhul-Kifl Alayhis salaam ka qissa)


There is nothing much that we find about Dhul-Kifl Alayhis Salaam in authentic sources.

What we just know is that he was also from the generation of Is'haaq ‘alayhis salaam.

He is mentioned only 2 times in Qur'aan.

In the first place ALLAH said-
"Remember Ismail, Idris and DHUL KIFL,all were from among those who observed PATIENCE. And we admitted them to Our mercy. Verily, they were of the righteous."

[Dhul Kifl Alayhis Salaam ke baare mei koi waaze qisse mojood nahi hai. 

Unke baare mei bas ye pata hai ke wo bhi Ish'aaq Alayhis Salaam ki nasal mei se hi the.
Unka naam bas 2 baar Qur'aan mei zikr hua hai.

Pehli jagah ALLAH ne ye farmaya ke-
"Yaad karo Ismail, Idrees aur DHUL-KIFL ko, wo sab AS-SABIREEN mei se the yani Sabr karne walo mei se the.
Humne unhe Apni rehmato mei se nawaaza tha kyuki wo NEK bande the.]
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