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Story of Prophet Yahya (Yahya Alayhis Salaam ka qissa)


We have learnt before in the story that Zakaria ‘alayhis salaam was granted a son in his old age.
We all know that he was named Yahya but what is so special about this name?

The name YAHYA was given by ALLAH Himself and this name was not granted to anyone before him.

Qur'aan mentions-
"We (ALLAH) have given that name to none before him (Yahya ‘alayhis salaam) (19:7)

So, this was a beautiful gift given by ALLAH to Zakaria ‘alayhis salaam and a special honour by ALLAH to Yahya ‘alayhis salaam because of the high level patience & faith of Zakaria ‘alayhis salaam for so many years.

[Jaisa ke hum padh chuke hai ke ALLAH ne Zakaria ‘alayhis salaam ko budhape mei aulaad ata farmayi thi.

Hume ye bhi maloom hai ke unka naam Yahya rakha gaya tha lekin is naam ki kya khusoosiyat thi?

ALLAH ne hi Yahya ‘alayhis salaam ka naam rakha tha aur ye naam pehle kisi aur ka nahi tha.

Qur'aan mei iska zikr aata hai ke-
"Humne (yani ALLAH ne) nahi banaya kisi aur ke liye naam us jaisa"

Isliye ye naam bohot khaas naam hai.
Ye ALLAH ki taraf se ek behetreen tohfa tha Zakaria ‘alayhis salaam ke liye aur ek khusoosi aizaaz/martaba (honour) tha Yahya ‘alayhis salaam ke liye badle us behetreen SABR AUR TAWAKKUL ke jo Zakaria ‘alayhis salaam ne itne saal kiya tha.]
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