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Prophet Yunus (Yunus Alayhis salaam ka qissa)


● Yunus alayhis salaam was from the generation of Yaqoob alayhis salaam!

● The other famous name of Yunus alayhis salaam mentioned in Quraan is DHUN-NOON (Man of the fish)

● Yunus alayhis salaam was sent down as a prophet in a town of Iraq which had more than hundred thousand people living in it.

Quraan says-
"And We sent him (Yunus) to a hundred thousand (community of people) or even more." (37:147)

[•Yunus alayhis salaam Yaqoob alayhis salaam ki nasal mei se the.

•Quraan ke mutabiq wo DHUN-NOON ke naam se bhi jaane jaate hai (jiska mayna hai- Machli wale)

•Yunus alayhis salaam ko Iraq ke ek sheher mei bheja gaya tha jiski abaadi sau hazaar (100,000) ya usse bhi zyada thi.]
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