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Story of Prophet Yusuf (Yusuf Alayhis Salaam ka qissa)


•Out of the 12 sons of Yaqoob ‘alayhis salaam, Yusuf Alayhis Salaam was the one who was given PROPHETHOOD.

•There is a whole surah in Qur'aan with his name known as SURAH YUSUF which mentions his story in detail.
• He is famously known as JOSEPH in Christianity and Judaism.

•Ibn Kathir narrated that Yusuf ‘alayhis salaam was the MOST HANDSOME and BEAUTIFUL man on earth.
But this did not developed arrogance in him, Instead he was a righteous and thankful slave of ALLAH.

"Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) described Yusuf ‘alayhis salaam as a person with HALF of all the beauty of this world."
(Sahi Muslim Book 1 #309)

[•Yaqoob ‘alayhis salaam ke 12 beto mei se Yusuf ‘alayhis salaam the jinhe nabuwat mili.

• Unke naam se ek surah Qur'aan mei aati hai jise Surah Yusuf kaha jata hai aur jismei unki kahaani tafseel mei hai.

• Wo Isaayi aur Yahood mazhab mei JOSEPH naam se bohot mashhoor hai.

• Ibn Kathir ki rivaayat ke mutabiq, Yusuf ‘alayhis salaam dunya ke sabse haseen aur khoobsurat aadmi the.
Lekin iss chiz par unhone kabhi takabbur nahi kara, balki wo ALLAH ke nek aur shukr guzaar bande the.

"Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam ki ek sahi hadith ke mutabiq, Yusuf ‘alayhis salaam ke paas dunya ki AADHI khoobsurti thi"]
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